Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sartorial Wishing

I am a devoted clothes horse. In my apartment I have 2 large closets (stuffed), a covered close rack (filled to the gills), and two dressers (exploding at all times)...This is not to mention the rubbermaid bins under my bed and the many, many pairs of shoes. Here's the thing though. A lot of this stuff I've had for 8+ years and its ratty, doesn't fit right and needs to go. But, due to the lame conditions of being an educated (read: really in debt) woman in the arts (read: actually needs cocktail dresses for professional reasons) I get anxious about purging. What if I really need that tulle mini skirt because I get invited to a cabaret event?! Here's the thing though, my style is all about streamlined looks. I like cool patterns (current obsession: Ikat), neutrals (black, grey, hunter green, navy, white) and classics, architechtural details, vintage styled dresses, high waists, and tough jewelry. When I get back to Chicago in a couple weeks I'm planning a genuine clean out. No more hanging on to things I think are horrid just because. No, I will have a streamlined, simple wardrobe like I've always wanted. With my birthday approaching in just under two months and this planned purge, I am of course lusting after some new items. Behold what is sure to be the first of many Polyvore sets to grace this blog...My fall desires minus an Ikat scarf, because I've yet to find one that is vegan friendly.

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